Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ashes - Review & Blog Tour Stop

Estevan Vega continues the feel of the end of the first book of the "Arson" series with the sequel, "Ashes." It spends a more time focusing on secondary characters from "Arson" instead of Arson himself.  But this allows us to get see the big picture of what is happening with the story.  Plus, by stepping away from Arson a bit, we can get to know Emery better.

Arson and Emery have been kidnapped and separated in order to be studied.  While it is obvious why these scientists are interested in Arson, they seem convinced that Emery has special abilities of her own.  What is it that they see in here that she is unable to see in herself?

So here are my spoiler-free thoughts on "Ashes."  This is one of those rare occasions that I give a book a 5-star rating.  I literally closed the book and tweeted Vega to ask when book three would be released because I want to know what happens next (he said hopefully summer/fall - squeeee!!!)!  You are taken on this crazy, yet totally believable journey with Arson and Emery as they discover so much about themselves and the people who have taken them captive.  There are shocking twists at every turn, but Vega saves the best for last and ends on a huge cliffhanger.  

I really liked Arson, loved Ashes, and cannot wait to see what is in store for book three of this amazing series!
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