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Like All Things Beautiful - 5-Star Review

Like All Things Beautiful 
(Hearts of Haines Book 2)

By: Shannon McCrimmon
Released: May 2, 2015

In this sequel to Kiss Me Hard Before You Go, Evie Barnes is living day-to-day, trying to keep her father's land and his cattle business afloat.  She is adjusting to his absence and to living with Finch and the rest of the carnies, which is creating quite a stir amongst the locals in Haines.  As Finch and the others learn a new way of life that doesn't involve the carnival, they're dealing with prejudice from almost everyone in town.  A string of suspicious incidents occur, prompting all fingers to point the blame at them.  Just when Evie and Finch learn to deal with the mountain of obstacles facing them, the unexpected happens, causing them to question if their relationship can survive it all.

Welcome back to Haines, South Carolina!  It's been a little over a year since I first met Evie, Finch, and the whole carnie crew and let me tell you... I have missed them!  To read my 5-Star review of Kiss Me Hard Before You Go (Hearts of Haines Book 1), click here.

If you thought that you loved Finch before, just wait until you see Farmer Finch who will do anything to make the love of his life happy.  He is an all-around good guy that exactly what every girl wants and needs.  

Where Evie was a strong woman in Kiss Me Hard Before You Go, she grows into an even stronger woman in Like All Things Beautiful and we really get to see the extent of her character.  She doesn't just make decisions for the heck of it or because they fit her whims.  She truly views Katie, Finch and the other carnies as her adopted family.  So she always tries to think of what is best for all of them.  

I am in love with the Hearts of Haines series for a couple of reasons.  First, while Evie and Katie are in their late teens, they don't act like stereotypical teenagers.  This means that while they face real life struggles, the story is not filled with annoying teen angst.  They face real problems that adults face and are looking for real love, not just a string of flings.  Second, it's a love story that you don't have to feel guilty about reading.  It's about life and love, not sex.  Third, the writing is fantastic!  You will be transported back in time to the 1970's with the perfect sprinkling of cultural references that will make you want to toss your skinny jeans and pull out your bellbottoms and platforms!

Stay tuned for my review of This is Where We Begin.  Book 3 in the Hearts of Haines series is Katie's story.  I'm reading it now, and I already feel so close to Katie.  

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About the Author:
Shannon McCrimmon was born and raised in Central Florida.  She attended Rollins College and earned a Master's Degree in Counseling.  In 2008 she moved to the upstate of South Carolina.  It was the move that inspired her to write her first novel.  She currently lives in Greenville, South Carolina with her husband and toy poodle.  She'd love to hear from you!  Connect with her at

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Instagram: @writermccrimmon
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