Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Coloring for grown ups? Yes, please!

I've recently discovered a new trend in the book world and have become intrigued by it.  It's this idea of Adult Coloring books.  Don't let your head go in the gutter there, I'm not talking about "adult themes" to color.  There is nothing dirty about it.  It is simply coloring books with more intricate designs that are designed for adults with better motor skills than kids.

The idea is that by focusing on the designs and color patterns that it can help you release stress, flex your brain muscles, keep you sharp, and keep your fine motor skills exercised.  Oh, yeah... and they are fun!  I've even seen where some bookstores are having adult coloring parties where you can do a page for free!!

After hearing a lot of buzz about this trend, I decided to go to the bookstore and buy myself a coloring book.  And yes, I felt like a 5-year old asking the associate where the coloring books where. But much to my surprise, the associate walked right past the kids section and took me to art and magazines where there was a bright and colorful sign welcoming me to the Adult Coloring section (I may have heard the angels singing just a bit as I saw it).  There are so many different types and themes that you can choose from.  There's traditional mandalas, celtic designs, city scapes, and even some with words (bonus!!).  After much deliberation, I finally decided on the Creative Coloring Inspirations: Art Activity Pages to Relax and Enjoy! book.

And of course, no coloring book is complete without something to color with, right?  Thankfully the store I went to had already thought of that and had coloring pencils and markers strategically placed near the coloring books and I got myself the Pro Art 36-Piece Artist Pencil Set set.  Yes, I spent a little more on the pencils than I did the actual coloring book, but they'll last longer than the book, right?

Once I got home with my coloring book and pencils, it was a flashback to childhood as I could not wait to get started on a page.  Now I will admit that I gave near painstaking consideration to every color choice at first, but then I finally just let go and had fun with it.  I liked how well it turned out that I went to the Dollar Store and picked up a cheap frame to put it in!

So check out the wonderful new world of adult coloring, and let yourself relax and have a little fun!

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