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Kiss Me Hard Before You Go - 5-star review

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go

By: Shannon McCrimmon
Available May 14, 2014

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance 

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go:

Every summer, Gray Barnes and his eighteen-year old daughter, Evie, open up their farm in the foothills of South Carolina to Kip Kierkin's Carnival of Wonder. The carnival attracts hordes of locals and out-of-towners, and it brings in the extra cash that Gray and his daughter need to keep the family estate running.

Evie decided long ago that she wants nothing to do with the carnival or the farm that her dad so desperately works to keep afloat. She doesn't understand her father's appreciation for the land or the work that it takes to maintain it, but that's all about to change when she meets Finch Mills.

Finch is a lifer – a carny since birth. He's spent all of his twenty-two years on the circuit and longs for a different path. He's never paid much attention to Evie, not until this eventful summer of 1978.

5-Star Review:
I was so excited to get a copy of this and could not wait to read it.  I mean, seriously... who can resist a good story with carnies? After reading The Days Lost by Shannon McCrimmon, I knew that Kiss Me Hard Before You Go would be good, but it turned out so much better than I ever expected!

The first page draws you in, the first chapter sets a tone of mystery that will be a background to the whimsy and entertainment of the rest of the story.

If you've read some of my other reviews, then you know that I am a sucker for stories that are set in the south.  What can I say, I'm a true southern girl! In Kiss Me Hard Before You Go, McCrimmon expertly folds in just the right amount of southern charm and sass with sayings that will have you chuckling throughout the book.

The characters are great! Evie is strong, sassy, and won't take crap from anybody.  I love the fact that she is not only relatable, but the type of character that you read and think that you want to be more like her.  Finch is totally swoon-worthy! I love how Doris (one of the other carnies) describes him as being a piss-ant with the heart of a lion. Like Evie, he takes no crap, but is fiercely loyal and fights for what he wants... and Evie has piqued his interest.

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I'm a Florida native who currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina, with my husband and toy poodle. When I'm not writing, I can be found drinking Earl Grey tea with honey and cream, singing ineptly and butchering the lyrics to my favorite songs, and asking my friends ridiculous, hypothetical scenario-based questions. I'd love to hear from you. 

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