Tuesday, July 22, 2014

S. M. Knowles Interview

Have you ever wanted to stp inside the mind of an author? We got a chance to do just that with S.M. Knowles. 

1. Tell us about your most recent release (Title, publish date, blurb, and genre): 

I released Dream Ending last month. It's the 3rd book in my series.

2. What did you enjoy the most about writing this book?  The least? 

It is in a totally different place then the first two books. I loved making up the new adventures, but I disliked having to remember how the tunnels worked. There are a lot of twist and turns making this book a bit harder.

3. What was the hardest scene for you to write? 

There wasn't really a hard scene in book 3; however, in book 2 I had a hard time writing the sisters part of the funeral. I couldn't see my screen from the tears my eyes couldn't hold back. 

4. How do you market your work? 

I primarily use facebook or other social media sites.

5. How do you come up with the inspiration for your books? 

My mind plays movies. I write what I watch in my head. Interesting, huh? ;)

6. If your book could be described by a song, which one would it be? 

This song right here: Avicii Wake Me Up (Official Video)

7. Who is your favorite author to read? 

I love several authors.

8. What are you currently reading? 

I am reading Claimed by SE Reign. I believe it is free right now on Amazon. :)

9. Who is your favorite book boyfriend? 

I don't have one. 

10. What do you do when you aren’t writing? 

HA! Going to school. The mind is a beautiful thing. Keep it on its toes!

11. What are you currently working on? 

I am currently working on book 4 of the Rylee Everley Series. It is the last book in this series and I'm excited. She's had a lot of adventures and grown up so much.

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