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Lokte - cover reveal

Marianne Garcia is a struggling actress in New York City. With a dead career and her mother dying of cancer, she begins to lose faith in a better life.
     That is, until Logan Lokte shows up.
     The mysterious Logan offers her everything she has dreamed of, promising that he can not only make her a famous actress, but can stop the cancer spreading in her mother's body. All Marianne has to do is sign a contract.
     Marianne doesn't believe in magic, and she has lost all faith in miracles. But why does she find herself strangely drawn to him? Who is Logan Lokte? And if she were to sign his contract . . . what would the consequences be?
     In this tale of passion, murder, and deceit, Marianne's decision thrusts them both into a spiral where choices are crucial, and evil comes from within.

     But they also must learn that, in life, not every door is locked.


They sat at a little red booth, tucked in a corner against the wall. Marianne wore a pretty, white sundress with a tan belt and wedges, her hair pulled back and cascading into perfect waves down her shoulders. Logan had on a loose, black shirt that formed a V on his chest; the short sleeves showed off his defined biceps, which seemed to flex every time he moved. He finished off the look with a pair of dark wash jeans, black shoes, and a plain black bracelet that clipped on his wrist. Even in his casual apparel, he looked like a rock star.
            They began with small talk. They talked about the weather and how great Amy’s CafĂ© was. By the time their food came out, Marianne was more curious about him than ever. She leaned forward with interest.
            “So what is this proposition you were telling me about?” she asked. “You wouldn’t tell me the other day.”
“It is something that needs to be heard . . . in doses.” His eyes met hers, and he smiled. “But before I tell you anything, you have to tell me something. What is it in this world that you want most?”
            She stared at him blankly. “I’m sorry?”
            “I know that is a personal question, but it must be answered before I can explain my proposal. What do you want most in this world?” When she was reluctant to reply, he placed a gentle hand on hers. “You can trust me.”
            She hesitated. She had never been asked that question before. It was like telling a deep, dark secret to a complete stranger.
But Logan wasn’t a stranger, was he?
            “. . . I want my mother to be cured of cancer. And I want to be a famous actress on Broadway.”
            He nodded. “Well, Marianne, I can give you exactly that.”
            She gazed at him incredulously. “How?”
            “Oh, all will be revealed in good time. But today, I want you to think about that. Think about what it would be like to have all your dreams come true . . . and realize that it’s possible.”
            “. . . What are you?”
            To that, he simply smiled.

About the Author

K.J. Bryen lives in Oklahoma City with her loving husband, Adam. By day, she works at a news station. By night, she is a writer of young adult novels and supernatural thrillers. She loves any book that immerses her into a world she doesn't want to leave, and she hopes to be able to do that for her readers. She's also a coffee addict and a Joss Whedon fanatic. She loves to meet new people, so hit her up on Facebook, Twitter, or Goodreads. You can also visit her website or blog to find out more about her books.

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