Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fate War Alliance - 4-Star Review

Fate War Alliance was my first journey into the world of steampunk, and I was pleasantly surprised by it.  I was expecting the steampunk aspect to be overwhelming with the description of cogs, widgets, and other creative machinery to leave the story feeling muddled and confusing.  Thankfully, this is far from the experience that I had with Fate War!  Instead, I found an entertaining story, well-developed characters with the steampunk aspect just serving as an accent to the story.

Samantha and Cole's marriage has been arranged in order to bring their two kingdoms into a stronger alliance in effort to strengthen their joint standing against the rogue Fate militia.  While Samantha seems like the epidemy of young royalty, Cole soon realizes that it is just a mask she wears to fulfill her duties.  But who is she at heart?  And will she let Cole close enough to see the real Samantha?

Due to some of the content, I have to put Fate War in the new adult category and suggest it for older audiences.  While it does describe the typical activities of newly-weds, these scenes help move the story along, they are not there without purpose.

Fate War exceeded my expectations.  There is a lot of action and details of the background politics that help bring the story to life.  I was so happy to have the text-to-voice function on my Kindle for this book so I didn't have to put it down during my commute to and from work each day.

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  1. Hey Kat!

    Thank you so much for the awesome review! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Though I'm cracking up a little thinking of the computerized voice reading SOME of those scenes. LOL!

  2. Oh trust me... some of it was quite comical to listen to with an automated voice!

  3. Hello fellow WLC author :) Thanks for visiting my site.