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Beyond the Sun - 5-Star Review

Beyond the Sun
By ~ Sandra Bischoff
Genre ~ Paranormal Romance

When Sandi sent me the ARC copy to review, she said that from that point, I got to have Jared all to myself.  Now this was most likely just meant as a joke, but once I started reading after work one night, I simply could not cast Jared aside and allow him to finish his story another day.  I stayed up for hours, without really even realizing how late it truly was until I finished the final page, lost in this amazing story!

I read a fair amount of paranormal, but this one captured me.  Think of an adult version of The Mortal Instruments, but better and even more realistic, and that is Beyond the Sun.  So you have vampires, half-breeds, werewolves, etc. ruled by a secret society while existing alongside the human race.  But of course, the humans are absolutely oblivious to their existence.  

Now, Jared (swoon) is part of the society sworn to keeping the paranormal existence hidden from the humans, and is devoted to this duty.  But he is still a man, and falls in love with Giovanna, only to have her be brutally torn from his life by some of the very creatures that he is sworn to keep secret.  While he believes that the attack goes unnoticed by humanity, he still spends years away from the city, his family, and everything that he knows so as not to draw any attention.  But when he returns after fifteen years, a reporter named Alex catches his eye and begins to tug at the strings of his heart.  Can Alex stay objective and write her expose about Jared, or will she fall for him?

            Alexandra Toscano has been searching for the one assignment that could catapult her journalistic career.  When her editor Gene O’Hanlon drops a manila folder in her lap, Alex is immediately skeptical.   At first glance, the information he hands her seems like a publicity piece that is until she comes across an article he wrote some fifteen years ago about Vampires murdering a young woman in Central Park.  She is ready to laugh it off as a work of fiction until he points out he was an eye witness to the whole thing.  But that wasn’t all.  The girl’s boyfriend was a member of a prominent Italian family who vanished the very next day. 

            Now as Alex begins to dig deeper into Jared’s life, she begins to question her own past.  Could the answer she seeks be found in the glowing eyes of the one person she is sworn to expose?  Or will they both find themselves torn apart by a world Beyond the Sun?

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Sandra Bischoff lives in the historic town of Cornwall, NY with her extremely patient husband and teenage son, she affectionately calls the Demon.  She is a Pharmacist by profession but found her true calling in a simple twist of fate.   A friend approached her to write in a forum on a popular networking website. Over the next five years her passion had found its niche.  She went on to compose a few poems and short stories which she would post on her homepage at the same networking site.  From one of those short stories, her novel Beyond the Sun was born. She is currently working on her next novel and is very excited to share it with her readers.

She can currently be found at:
                                                And on Twitter as @SandiBischoff

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