Welcome to a Fictional Reality

Welcome to a Fictional Reality

Friday, January 11, 2013

When the Silence Ends

Wow! When the Silence Ends is captivating! I laughed, I cried, but overall I could not put it down.

Jade Kerrion gives a sweet nod to Alice in Wonderland by nicknaming the twin main characters Dee and Dum. When I saw that the story was about American society learning to live with mutants, my initial thought was, "here come the bad x-men references," but they never showed up! I was pleasantly surprised to see Kerrion describing the mutants, in vitros, and clones as being so much like any other human physically.

What I loved the most about this story was the main characters, Dee and Dum's strength and determination to make their world a better place for all humans alike. So many young adult books today show the characters being carefree and doing what they please, but Kerrion brings the story to a more interesting version of reality when the siblings decide to help others in their situation attend college by setting up a scholarship fund. They face several obstacles along the way, but keep their focus and determination to work hard to provide for themselves and help others along the way.

Forget Harry Potter and Twilight... every young adult should read this book!

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