Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fake Pastor / Widows Indeed

"Fake Pastor"  by Fran Touchette

Rose Jackson is a single mother of two, struggling to make ends meet.  Suddenly, what seems to be the perfect job opens up as the pastor of the neighborhood church.  The only problem is that Rose has no education, experience, or even strong convictions of faith, but she takes the position just the same.  As members of the church are killed one-by-one, Rose begins to have visions about these murders.  But where are these visions coming from?

A griping mystery with various and unexpected twists along the way.  The characters are well developed and the story itself is extremely well written.  This should be on the reading list of every southern ladies' book club since this short tale has all the intensity of other mysteries, just without the content that would make you blush.

"Widows Indeed" by Fran Touchette

While being relatively short, Widows Indeed is full of mystery and intrigue while being presented from several viewpoints.  It is perfectly balanced, and you will not be able to put it down.  So if you are looking for a good book to read on the beach or just in an afternoon, then grab some sweet tea and get Widows Indeed.  You will love it!

When the widows of small-town Elmsdale are suddenly being murdered one-by-one, the town is shocked beyond belief.  Calling in the county police for help in solving these murders, one of the visiting officers believes that a local man with Downs Syndrome is the culprit, but the officer's partner has another suspect in mind.  Who is the real murderer, and what is his motive for killing these elderly women?

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  1. Written by Fran Touchette and available at Amazon. Thanks for your kind words! I really enjoyed writing them and hope others will enjoy reading them as much.