Welcome to a Fictional Reality

Welcome to a Fictional Reality

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An Italian Obsession

"An Italian Obsession" by Kfir Luzzatto was not at all what I expected and earned an overall 3/5 star rating.  The content seemed a little mature for a young adult genre, and more along the lines of new adult.  As one quote from the epilogue so eloquently sums up, it is a cautionary tale to today's youth of what not to do.

"You are undoubtedly asking yourself what purpose it may serve to
bare my secrets before one and all, both as the recipient and 
the administrator of bad luck and misery... Maybe, and so I 
hope, learning from my mistakes and those of others will help
generations come do the right thing." - Epilogue

The writing was well done and featured interesting and believable characters. All together, it is a good book with surprises at every turn of the plot.


The dormitory resembled a noisy beehive when I got there. Almost everybody had already returned from vacation and the boys exchanged pleasant memories and jokes. It surprised me that I was happy to see them; but, somehow, it felt like home and they had become a much closer family to me than my own flesh and blood. At least, they shared my predicament.

I dropped my bags on the bed and stood still to watch the commotion in the dormitory, trying to gather pieces of information from snatched bits of conversation shouted across the room or whispered privately. Everybody seemed to know what was going on but me, and I felt excluded.

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